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The McQueen Integrated Financial Hub


No two clients are alike

McQueen Group takes a holistic approach to managing the wealth of every one of our clients. We take into account all aspects of a client’s financial and lifestyle situation, priorities, goals and their approach to risk and returns when tailoring our wealth management advice.

Experience tells us that advice and guidance over your lifetime are the key to reaching your financial desires and achieving freedom of choice in your life. Our unique offering focuses on service, guidance and advice with regular interaction with our clients. We take on the administration & financial burden to free our clients up for what they do best.




We need to get to know you.

We need to understand you, what drives you and what aspirations you have, so that we can form a relationship that helps you to achieve your goals.



Once we know more about you, your appetite for risk, as well as the financial goals you have in mind, we need to find the most appropriate structures and instruments to complete the circle.  Sometimes we need to put new plans in place and other times we just need to tweak what’s already in place.  We then have a plan, with the right instruments to keep you on track to reach those future financial goals.



We act as a coach through the process of achieving your financial goals.

What is required initially may not work for you in 6 months time or a year, as your personal and financial situation changes and we are there to make changes as required and keep you on track.

Why work with us

Think of us as your Chief Financial Officer, we are positioned to take care of all your financial matters or to integrate, compliment and communicate with your existing arrangements, whilst filling in the missing pieces for you.

We have expertise at all levels in order to coach you through to those financial goals and we excel at harmonising to achieve the right sound for you.

If you’re looking to take charge of growing and protecting your wealth in 2017, then Angus, Nick and Nowaki would love to speak to you.  

Call today for a no obligation chat and let them help you meet your 2017 goals.