Commemorating Twenty-Five Years of McQueen

Commemorating Twenty-Five Years of McQueen

Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Party

On Thursday 24 October 2019 we celebrated the twenty-five-year anniversary of McQueen Group.

Joined for a cocktail party by many of our valued, long-term clients, it was a wonderful evening dedicated to recognising the achievements of the company, and to pay tribute to those who have played a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the company throughout the years.

Our Chairman Angus McQueen was elated to welcome a room filled with colleagues and clients alike, all brought together thanks to his dedication and hard work.

Founding the company in 1994, Angus’s determination, passion, and drive has enabled the company to thrive and grow into the business it is today.

The evening dazzled with smiles from familiar faces, bringing together friends and family and highlighting the many client relationships that have formed into lifelong friendships.

We were incredibly honoured to have our long-term client John Lazzari speak on the evening. John captured the crowd through sharing his journey with McQueen. John, and his wife Pat, have been clients of McQueen for over fifteen years and have developed a wonderful relationship with Angus and Nowaki in particular. We cherish the ability to continue to support John and Pat for the years to come.

One person particularly proud of Angus and all the company has achieved, is Angus’s Father, Don McQueen. Expressing his commendation through a toast, Don noted where the company began and how much has been achieved since.

Don, with his own professional experience in financial planning, reflected on the foundations of the company with admiration for what Angus has built, and what the team as a whole have shaped and accomplished.

The team at McQueen would like to thank all that attended the event, as well as everyone who has ever been involved in McQueen over the last twenty-five years.

McQueen would not be the same without our dedicated clients, positive supplier relationships and the commitment and passion our entire team demonstrate every day.

At McQueen we pride ourselves on the value we create, both internally and externally. There is no I in McQueen, and with this embedded in our culture, we are certain that the next twenty-five years will be just as successful.

International Women’s Day with Business Chicks

International Women’s Day with Business Chicks


In celebration of International Women’s Day this week, we invited ten of our amazing female clients to join our table at the Business Chick’s luncheon at Crown Palladium. The event was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the fantastic achievements of women around the world, represented by three incredible guest speakers; Marita Cheng, Susan Alberti AC and JoAnna Ferrari.


Marita Cheng, founder of Robogals & aubot, shared her inspiring journey of persistence which led her to be named the 2012 Young Australian of the Year at a tender age of 23. Along with running robotics workshops for over 70,000 girls across 11 countries, Marita recently launched Teleport Brain Control that allows people with a disability to attend school or work remotely via a telepresence robot.


Susan Alberti AC, now an icon of the building industry and key contributor to the formation of the Australian Football League Women’s, shared how her life story of humble beginnings and tragic loss propelled her to become instrumental in promoting juvenile diabetes research in Australia.


JoAnna Ferrari showed how she has turned the many challenges in her life into a powerful comeback story and the strategies she has developed over her 30+ years as a successful business leader to embrace change and “harness the power of transitions”.


It was an incredible feeling to be surrounded by 1,500 women in the one room who are passionate about empowering and supporting each other.


“It doesn’t matter how old you are or how smart you are. All that matters is your imagination and how your creativity can conquer reality.” – Marita Cheng




McQueen Group gets behind its own in support of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

McQueen Group gets behind its own in support of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

We are very proud to announce that our very own Dylan Verney will be competing in the 2018 Noosa Triathlon later this year and has committed to raising $2,000 for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in the process!

In our efforts to continually give back to the broader community and support worthwhile causes, we are delighted to show our support for one of our team members as he trains for and competes in Australia’s most famous Olympic distance Triathlon.

The event will take place on 4 November 2018 and involves a 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and help Dylan on this journey, please click here.

From all the team here at McQueen, we wish Dylan all the best!


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Meet The Team: Sarah White

Meet The Team: Sarah White


If you’ve ever rung our office or popped in for a visit, you will have met our brilliant Client Concierge; Sarah White.

Sarah is constantly praised by visitors as being the most delightful and happy person they have ever encountered when enterting an office environment.

We love working with Sarah as not only does she delight and make all visitors to our office feel welcome, she fosters an inclusive social environment for our team.

Today we have put Sarah on the spot and asked her to share with us, what it is she loves about working at McQueen.

Sarah Says;

McQueen is the most progressive, unified and exciting company I have ever worked for.

Our working environment is so positive, and our team his dedicated to achieving both our common and our personal goals.

Our culture is rich and colourful, and there is no hierarchical culture or sense of entitlement at any level of the business. The three words that come to mind when I describe McQueen’s culture are: diverse, cohesive & engaging. The business truly values and appreciates each of our contributions and acknowledges all of our achievements.

I love that our team is strongly encouraged to voice our opinions, thoughts & feelings on the business itself, and on how we can continually work to improve our culture & productivity. Everyone’s opinions are valued and taken seriously, which this creates a wonderfully open forum for discussion.

McQueen genuinely cares about all of their staff and is strongly invested in our training and development. We are all given mentoring and guidance with developing both hard & soft skills to assist us in reaching our fullest potential. The importance of being adaptable to change (both individually and as an organisation) is often highlighted to us.

McQueen invests in our education and understands the importance of building our confidence to be independent thinkers and autonomous workers.

I feel that I will reach my fullest potential whilst working at McQueen as we are all held responsible and accountable for our goals and our completion of tasks. We are constantly challenged to improve our skills and think outside the box. Everyone is always happy & willing to share their knowledge on a wide range of topics to those less informed, and we are frequently reminded that all of us have something worthwhile to contribute to a group forum, no matter how small or seemingly trivial we may feel it is.

Through the skills I have developed in my two-year career so far with McQueen, I have been able to successfully navigate scenarios and speedbumps that I would never have been able to previously. My creative thinking and problem-solving skills have never been better.

I’m excited for 2017 with McQueen!

Thanks, Sarah!

If you haven’t met Sarah yet, give her a call or pop into our office to say Hi.