On Thursday the 24th of October, the McQueen team had the pleasure of commemorating the twenty five year anniversary of McQueen Group. Celebrating together with our top clients, we were able to have an evening dedicated to recognizing the success of the company and pay tribute to those who have played a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the company throughout the years.

Angus McQueen, Founder, was able to visualize his success through a room filled with people, staff and clients alike, all bought together thanks to his dedication and hard work. Starting the company in 1994, many adversities have been faced, however Angus’s determination has allowed the company to thrive and grown into what we see today.

The evening dazzled with smiles from familiar faces, bringing together friends and family, highlighting the value of McQueen, where client relationships have formed into life long friendships. We were honored to have our long term client John Lazzari speak on the evening, capturing the crowd while sharing his story and experiences. Lazzari has been a part of McQueen since…. And holds such trust and dedication to have planned out the next twenty years with us. We are honored by his commitment, and cherish the ability to continue to support him through the following chapters in his life.

One person particularly proud of Angus and the McQueen company, is Don McQueen. Expressing his commendation through a toast, noting where the company started, and how much has been achieved since. Don, with his own professional experience in financial planning, allows him to reflect on the foundations of the company with admiration for what Angus built, and what the team as a whole have shaped and accomplished.