Twenty-Five Year Anniversary Party

On Thursday 24 October 2019 we celebrated the twenty-five-year anniversary of McQueen Group.

Joined for a cocktail party by many of our valued, long-term clients, it was a wonderful evening dedicated to recognising the achievements of the company, and to pay tribute to those who have played a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the company throughout the years.

Our Chairman Angus McQueen was elated to welcome a room filled with colleagues and clients alike, all brought together thanks to his dedication and hard work.

Founding the company in 1994, Angus’s determination, passion, and drive has enabled the company to thrive and grow into the business it is today.

The evening dazzled with smiles from familiar faces, bringing together friends and family and highlighting the many client relationships that have formed into lifelong friendships.

We were incredibly honoured to have our long-term client John Lazzari speak on the evening. John captured the crowd through sharing his journey with McQueen. John, and his wife Pat, have been clients of McQueen for over fifteen years and have developed a wonderful relationship with Angus and Nowaki in particular. We cherish the ability to continue to support John and Pat for the years to come.

One person particularly proud of Angus and all the company has achieved, is Angus’s Father, Don McQueen. Expressing his commendation through a toast, Don noted where the company began and how much has been achieved since.

Don, with his own professional experience in financial planning, reflected on the foundations of the company with admiration for what Angus has built, and what the team as a whole have shaped and accomplished.

The team at McQueen would like to thank all that attended the event, as well as everyone who has ever been involved in McQueen over the last twenty-five years.

McQueen would not be the same without our dedicated clients, positive supplier relationships and the commitment and passion our entire team demonstrate every day.

At McQueen we pride ourselves on the value we create, both internally and externally. There is no I in McQueen, and with this embedded in our culture, we are certain that the next twenty-five years will be just as successful.