Jessica is passionate about creating an inspiring team environment with an open- communication culture. 

Jessica joined the McQueen team in 2020, after previous roles involving leading a team average of 17 employees and specialising in team building/engagement, coaching people management and professional growth.

Jessica is dedicated to building and maintaining rapport with stakeholders, site operations and community, as well as recognizing high performance and rewarding accomplishments. She is a creative individual who is always forward thinking, and a natural born leader who takes pride in her work ethic and always leading by example. Jessica prides herself on being extremely personable and displaying the highest levels of personal integrity and ethical behaviour.

Jessica is an advocate for Red Nose Day and organises fundraisers every year.

Jessica has been the recipient of multiple awards throughout her career so far, including being a Pulse Awards Finalist in 2018 & 2019  (Internal Awards across all Serco contracts) and the Innovation Award.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys writing stories, hanging with her bunny Linus, going to the movies, going out to bars/Melbourne nightlife and laying in the sunshine listening to music.