Myrna joined McQueen Group in 2019 as our Client Services Manager in the McQueen Accounting Team. 

Myrna completed her Bachelor Degree in Business (Accounting), and has fifteen years’ experience in the Accounting Industry.
Immediately Myrna became an integral cog in McQueen’s service delivery model, and supports the accounting team in completing compliance tasks for clients. She has an enthusiasm to drive and contribute to the success of McQueen, as demonstrated by her hard work and dedication.

Her kind heart allows her to enjoy building relationships with her team, as well as clients. She is an animal lover and you will find her spending her time at zoos and aquariums, and playing with her cats and dogs. Additionally, she enjoys having quality time with her friends and family, especially with her nephews and nieces. Myrna is compassionate and is all about helping those around her, her heavy involvement in church activities allows her to give back to the community and assist those in need.

Myrna loves indulging in the delicious cuisine from her Latin American Background, and enjoys exposing her friends to her culture through teaching them how to speak Spanish. She also loves to Skydive!