If you’ve ever rung our office or popped in for a visit, you will have met our brilliant Client Concierge; Sarah White.

Sarah is constantly praised by visitors as being the most delightful and happy person they have ever encountered when enterting an office environment.

We love working with Sarah as not only does she delight and make all visitors to our office feel welcome, she fosters an inclusive social environment for our team.

Today we have put Sarah on the spot and asked her to share with us, what it is she loves about working at McQueen.

Sarah Says;

McQueen is the most progressive, unified and exciting company I have ever worked for.

Our working environment is so positive, and our team his dedicated to achieving both our common and our personal goals.

Our culture is rich and colourful, and there is no hierarchical culture or sense of entitlement at any level of the business. The three words that come to mind when I describe McQueen’s culture are: diverse, cohesive & engaging. The business truly values and appreciates each of our contributions and acknowledges all of our achievements.

I love that our team is strongly encouraged to voice our opinions, thoughts & feelings on the business itself, and on how we can continually work to improve our culture & productivity. Everyone’s opinions are valued and taken seriously, which this creates a wonderfully open forum for discussion.

McQueen genuinely cares about all of their staff and is strongly invested in our training and development. We are all given mentoring and guidance with developing both hard & soft skills to assist us in reaching our fullest potential. The importance of being adaptable to change (both individually and as an organisation) is often highlighted to us.

McQueen invests in our education and understands the importance of building our confidence to be independent thinkers and autonomous workers.

I feel that I will reach my fullest potential whilst working at McQueen as we are all held responsible and accountable for our goals and our completion of tasks. We are constantly challenged to improve our skills and think outside the box. Everyone is always happy & willing to share their knowledge on a wide range of topics to those less informed, and we are frequently reminded that all of us have something worthwhile to contribute to a group forum, no matter how small or seemingly trivial we may feel it is.

Through the skills I have developed in my two-year career so far with McQueen, I have been able to successfully navigate scenarios and speedbumps that I would never have been able to previously. My creative thinking and problem-solving skills have never been better.

I’m excited for 2017 with McQueen!

Thanks, Sarah!

If you haven’t met Sarah yet, give her a call or pop into our office to say Hi.