” I fully recommend contacting McQueen Accounting for help or advice if you even think you need it. They are the best I’ve come across and they genuinely care about their clients. I’ve been with them for 15 years now and I 100% endorse them. There’s nothing in this for me by the way, nor did McQueen ask me to do this. I just take the view that anyone who is truly adding value for others, especially in these times should be listened to. So be sure to use their expertise.”– Ronan Powell     

“Refinancing a home loan can be a really daunting task, but Aimee from McQueen Group made it so easy. I originally contacted Aimee just out of curiosity to see what type of rates were available. I had always just gone directly to a bank and was very hesitant to switch from CBA, but after receiving a comparison I was shocked at how much money I could save by switching my loan. Aimee’s knowledge and professionalism made me feel very comfortable about making the switch, and now I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Aimee!” – Lilly Finlayson

“I feel McQueen Group keep you totally informed at all times of how your investment is performing, you are terrific!” – Sandra Dick

“McQueen Group are extremely professional in their approach, from the first moment you step into their office you are greeted by the lovely Sarah who always makes you feel welcome. Alex our advisor is always super professional and knowledgeable across a huge range of areas. McQueen look after my wife and I for our Superannuation, investments and insurances. Alex and Dylan always keep up to date with the latest on all of our investments and Super and if there is ever any questions that we have they are always available to assist. They regularly hold events for their clients from social to market updates to keep all of their clients informed of the latest market trends and opinions. I would and have personally recommended McQueen group to anyone looking for a full service professional firm to handle their financial requirements.” – Chris Oliver

“I have enjoyed the engagement with all the team at McQueen over the years. A fine bunch of professionals and people” – Richard Ireson

“I love the fact that I can access perks of big business investment without the big business fees and be given personalised individually tailored advice. Mitch is a consummate professional, who is the most genuine and obliging business man I have had the pleasure to deal with. He goes above and beyond, when I need instant advice, promptly responding even after hours. I have had the pleasure of being a client of Mitch Raabe for 8 years and found him to be loyal, highly knowledgeable, with useful network connections. The best aspect of Mitch is that he is like a good friend that has your best interests at heart and is always honest. Due to McQueen’s advice my family is now well established to succeed our long-term financial goals, to set us up for a comfortable retirement taking us from the average Aussie family struggling with mortgages to self-funded investments. If I had to give stars, I would rate McQueen 5 stars out of 5.” – Annette McCubbin

“If professional financial advice is important to you, I can highly recommend The McQueen Group. They will look after you. They are certainly looking after me” – Bernie Canning

“From my first meeting with the financial advisors from McQueen group, which I faced with trepidation, because I had no real understanding of the financial world of investments etc. I was quickly put at ease, everything carefully explained and shown, my concerns answered. Every contact since, via email or phone has been dealt with in a helpful and courteous manner. Thank you to all” – Elke Potter

“Debbie Nguyen is an astute professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with!!!” – John MacLeod

“I have found the McQueen Group to be a breath of fresh air to deal with after having my Super with AMP for many years.” – David Tenenbaum

“I really love the family approach and the fact that it is not about a 10 year plan, but a much longer, lifetime approach” – Paul Applegate

“At all times I have found the team at McQueen’s to be focused on the best outcomes for our Superannuation fund. Advice and guidance has been exemplary”  – Ron Thorpe

“I like the fact that I can deal with someone who I have absolute confidence in.” – Mark Tannahill

“I received a comprehensive and helpful review of my insurances as well as broad based review of my financial status which has inspired me to examine further” – Michael Peck 

“Have been a client for a number of years and would not continue if not extremely happy with the outcomes” – James Rolfe

“We have been dealing with the group over many years and have been pleased with the results” – Chris Stanley 

“I’m very pleased to say every one with whom I talk is very patient and helpful, thank you” – Elke Potter

“We have a very good understanding adviser who has led us in a very positive direction. We are very pleased with his recommendations” – Chris Stanley

“Professional, positive and friendly experience for us, the client. Have confidence in our money managers now and for the future” – John Palmer

“Recently retired and my wife retiring early next year our recent experience reinforced McQueen have our future in hand” – Thomas Mollica

“I find my involvement with the McQueen Group to be one of a professional but caring nature” – Ron Thorpe

“The advice and ongoing support from the McQueen Group (Nowaki) is tailored for my family and my requirements. Nowaki’s advice and support over a long period of time has been and is invaluable for us to achieve our financial goals. His thoroughness in research and planning has helped my daughter plan and manage an inheritance which is being treated with the respect and dignity that the benefactor would have wanted” – Paul Applegate

“Just keep doing what you are doing now, it is great!!!!!” – Bill Richardson

“The courtesy, respect, and “switched on” replies to my questions or concerns could not be faulted. I have the highest regard for the professional skills of all the staff at McQueen, in particular Nowaki, Keryn and Sarah” – Alan Holden

“We enjoy our discussions with Nowaki, and appreciate his assistance to date” – Garry and Robyn Bold

“Our experience with Nick and Kristina has been excellent, especially coming from a very challenging position experientially. They have accommodated and tailored their advice based on our mindset and quirks” – David Cowper

“I am very pleased in the way my investments are going, and I believe the McQueen Group have my best interests at heart”. – Irene Wain

“McQueen Group have provided us with a set specific strategy based on our particular circumstances. They explained to us the reasons why. They also were there to remind us why it is important to follow the advised strategies over the long term. They have also routinely assessed our SMSF and advised when they believed any changes should be made, either moving out of an investment or investing in a new one. This has been evident in the growth of our SMSF.” – Paul Applegate

“Professional advice always delivered in a clear and concise manner by friendly and engaging advisers. Welcoming environment! Great coffee!” – Ron Thomas

“I received clear logical advice based upon a defined strategy and time frame to achieve my family goals. Nowaki provides exceptional attention to detail and knowing my family’s financial goals.” – Paul Applegate

“I have been dealing with Nowaki and the team at McQueen for six or seven years in preparation for my retirement, nearly twelve months ago, everyone is friendly and efficient, they listen to my thoughts and then explain their recommendations in language that Robyn and I understand and appreciate. We have been very happy with the service and advice we have received to date.” – Garry Bold

“Shuro has been a pleasure meeting you. Getting a home loan is a daunting task and you made it easy for both Nicky and I – being always available, even on a Monday public holiday. I am now a home owner  thanks to you. Both Nicky and I would like to thank you and Gus for making this possible.” – Dr. Ian Gopal and Nicole Renaud

“Good service and looks after its clientele well” – Peter Cameron 

“We have found McQueen to be an extremely efficient business offering very good advice. They are a pleasure to deal with as the people are personable, genuine and very good at what they do”.

“We have had nothing but a positive experience with McQueen Group. We have felt listened to throughout our journey and they have always had our best interests at heart! Couldn’t recommend them enough!”

“Friendliness of all staff makes for confidence in their advice and the company”

“Helpful and well-considered financial advice and management for the long term”

“After previously having my Super fund with AMP, i am relieved to now have my finances in the hands of the McQueen Group. They provide an exemplary professional personal service to reflect my desired outcomes.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“I have been impressed by the communication that is always timely and informative. Your team is very patient as we are not always as prompt in returning documents or responding to requests as we should be.”

“A professional service with a clear agenda for the future of my investments. I feel they care about me and my needs.”

“Ben, the Advisor that I deal with is fantastic and we highly regard and appreciate his support. I have readily forwarded his details onto friends and family”.

“We felt Alex led us through the agenda very professionally”

“We find McQueen willing to think “outside the square” for people like us who do not fit into the usual type of customer description.”

“Nowaki has facilitated an open and honest forum for my wife and I to discuss what’s important to us and what really concerns us about saving for the future. You wouldn’t have this type of conversation over the dinner table at home. We feel very comfortable now that we know our numbers and we can plan for the future”

“Very friendly & informative service”

“A visit to the office always a pleasant experience catching up with Nowaki and Sarah”

“Knowledgeable & professional”

“After following our personally tailored plans without wavering even during the scary down times over the last twenty years by trusting McQueen we have achieved excellent financial growth. With both of us nearing retirement we have reached our personal goals of owning a beautiful seaside home with a spectacular view, enough superannuation to secure a quality retirement and a share portfolio still earning & growing for any extra luxuries. Thank you McQueen.”

“In these uncertain times I was happy with the meeting and explanations given by McQueen”

“Dealing with Nowaki for so many years I find him very genuine, reliable and thoughtful. I am quite comfortable dealing with him because I find him a very trustworthy person. I am sure my portfolio is in good hands”

“Appreciate the detailed information and strategies to meet our individual needs; the team are very professional.”

“We are both very satisfied with the way our portfolio is going.”

“Very happy with all aspects of our financial planning. The staff are professional, friendly and accommodating at all levels of service”

“Friendly and helpful”

“I have found McQueen to be very open and transparent in the development of our financial plan. I appreciate the detailed analysis that is provided and the background information on fund managers for us to consider in our portfolio. The high levels of communication and regular opportunities for face to face meetings is very reassuring and valuable.”

“Nowaki has facilitated a open and honest forum for my wife and I to discuss what’s important to us and what really concerns us about saving for the future. You wouldn’t have this type of conversation over the dinner table at home. We feel very comfortable now that we know our numbers and we can plan for the future”.

“I received clear logical advice based upon a defined strategy and time frame to achieve my family goals. Nowaki provides exceptional attention to detail and knowing my families financial goals”.