"Refinancing a home loan can be a really daunting task, but Aimee from McQueen Group made it so easy. I originally contacted Aimee just out of curiosity to see what type of rates were available. I had always just gone directly to a bank and was very hesitant to switch from CBA, but after receiving a comparison I was shocked at how much money I could save by switching my loan. Aimee’s knowledge and professionalism made me feel very comfortable about making the switch, and now I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Aimee!" - Lilly Finlayson

"I’ve seen many accountants, and Peter is by far the best I have ever dealt with. Not only is he fantastic at what he does, he is just a lovely person and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Peter." - Lisa Edmonds 

"We have been dealing with the group over many years and have been pleased with the results" - Chris Stanley 

"Good service and looks after its clientele well" - Peter Cameron 

"We have found McQueen to be an extremely efficient business offering very good advice. They are a pleasure to deal with as the people are personable, genuine and very good at what they do".

"I have enjoyed the engagement with all the team at McQueen over the years. A fine bunch of professionals and people" - Richard Ireson

"I received a comprehensive and helpful review of my insurances as well as broad based review of my financial status which has inspired me to examine further" - Michael Peck 

"Helpful and well-considered financial advice and management for the long term"

"We have had nothing but a positive experience with McQueen Group. We have felt listened to throughout our journey and they have always had our best interests at heart! Couldn’t recommend them enough!"

"In these uncertain times I was happy with the meeting and explanations given by McQueen"

Welcome to McQueen Group

Picture a world class orchestra. Now remove the conductor and imagine that the individually talented musicians cannot see or hear each other.  How would it sound?  McQueen treats your finances like an orchestra, and our expert and well-rehearsed skills coordinate and play beautiful music.

We provide a suite of leading edge strategies and solutions across intertwined financial disciplines – structure, taxation, investment, cash flow, superannuation, insurances, estate planning, lending and related elements – to activate a coherent strategy that will deliver meaningful long term after tax financial results.  Our approach is  proactive, cross skilled and designed to give you clarity, certainty and control over your financial affairs. Learn more about the instrument we utilise to create quality tunes;

Learn more about the instruments we utilise to create quality tunes: