Welcome to McQueen Group

"The courtesy, respect, and "switched on" replies to my questions or concerns could not be faulted. I have the highest regard for the professional skills of all the staff at McQueen, in particular Nowaki, Keryn and Sarah" - Alan Holden

"Keep up the good work!"

"Personally, I couldn't be more satisfied with the way my finances are being handled".

"If professional financial advice is important to you, I can highly recommend The McQueen Group. They will look after you. They are certainly looking after me" - Bernie Canning

"We enjoy our discussions with Nowaki, and appreciate his assistance to date" - Garry and Robyn Bold.

"Our experience with Nick and Kristina has been excellent, especially coming from a very challenging position experientially. They have accommodated and tailored their advice based on our mindset and quirks" - David Cowper.

“I have been impressed by the communication that is always timely and informative. Your team is very patient as we are not always as prompt in returning documents or responding to requests as we should be.”

“I am very pleased in the way my investments are going, and I believe the McQueen Group have my best interests at heart”. - Irene Wain

"Thank you for the ongoing financial opportunity to live in the style we have been accustomed to"

“McQueen Group have provided us with a set specific strategy based on our particular circumstances. They explained to us the reasons why. They also were there to remind us why it is important to follow the advised strategies over the long term. They have also routinely assessed our SMSF and advised when they believed any changes should be made, either moving out of an investment or investing in a new one. This has been evident in the growth of our SMSF.” – Paul

Picture a world class orchestra. Now remove the conductor and imagine that the individually talented musicians cannot see or hear each other.  How would it sound?  McQueen treats your finances like an orchestra, and our expert and well-rehearsed skills coordinate and play beautiful music.

We provide a suite of leading edge strategies and solutions across intertwined financial disciplines – structure, taxation, investment, cash flow, superannuation, insurances, estate planning, lending and related elements – to activate a coherent strategy that will deliver meaningful long term after tax financial results.  Our approach is  proactive, cross skilled and designed to give you clarity, certainty and control over your financial affairs. Learn more about the instrument we utilise to create quality tunes;

Learn more about the instruments we utilise to create quality tunes: