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“We see ourselves as the conductor of our clients’ personal orchestra, or their personal Chief Financial Officer”Angus McQueen

Our goal is to help you grow and protect your wealth. Simple as that.

The McQueen Group is a boutique financial advice business, that has been advising professionals and Australian families on growing and protecting their wealth for over 20 years.


We liken the different financial tools available to us as instruments being played to create the tune you wish to live by.


Our goal is to help you grow and protect your wealth.  Simple as that.  Work with a team who has expertise, experience and is passionate about supporting professionals and families meet their financial goals.


We invite you to peruse the different instruments we are able to access; some may appeal more to you than others. We have specialist players in each field and know how to harmonise to achieve the right sound for you.


We offer a wide array of financial services


You are time poor – spending more time finding solutions for your clients than you are for yourself.  How do you get your own house in order financially?
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Are your business and assets structured to maximise after-tax returns?  Are they safe if something goes wrong? Are you paying too much tax?
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Is your family appropriately structured to optimise the maze of tax and wealth creation opportunities?  How do you keep the family wealth “safe” for future generations?
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You are young and ambitious and on a steep upward curve.  How can you establish good structures and habits that will hold true as your career progresses?  What is your Plan B?
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