Welcome to McQueen Group

“Friendly and helpful”

"I'm very pleased to say every one with whom I talk is very patient and helpful, thank you" - Elke Potter

“I have found McQueen to be very open and transparent in the development of our financial plan. I appreciate the detailed analysis that is provided and the background information on fund managers for us to consider in our portfolio. The high levels of communication and regular opportunities for face to face meetings is very reassuring and valuable.”

“Nowaki has facilitated a open and honest forum for my wife and I to discuss what’s important to us and what really concerns us about saving for the future. You wouldn't have this type of conversation over the dinner table at home. We feel very comfortable now that we know our numbers and we can plan for the future”.

“I received clear logical advice based upon a defined strategy and time frame to achieve my family goals. Nowaki provides exceptional attention to detail and knowing my families financial goals”.

“We have a very good understanding adviser who has led us in a very positive direction. We are very pleased with his recommendations” – Chris Stanley

“Professional, positive and friendly experience for us, the client. Have confidence in our money managers now and for the future” – John Palmer

“From my first meeting with the financial advisors from McQueen group, which I faced with trepidation, because I had no real understanding of the financial world of investments etc. I was quickly put at ease, everything carefully explained and shown, my concerns answered. Every contact since, via email or phone has been dealt with in a helpful and courteous manner. Thank you to all” - Elke Potter

“Recently retired and my wife retiring early next year our recent experience reinforced McQueen have our future in hand” – Thomas Mollica

“I find my involvement with the McQueen Group to be one of a professional but caring nature” – Ron Thorpe

Picture a world class orchestra. Now remove the conductor and imagine that the individually talented musicians cannot see or hear each other.  How would it sound?  McQueen treats your finances like an orchestra, and our expert and well-rehearsed skills coordinate and play beautiful music.

We provide a suite of leading edge strategies and solutions across intertwined financial disciplines – structure, taxation, investment, cash flow, superannuation, insurances, estate planning, lending and related elements – to activate a coherent strategy that will deliver meaningful long term after tax financial results.  Our approach is  proactive, cross skilled and designed to give you clarity, certainty and control over your financial affairs. Learn more about the instrument we utilise to create quality tunes;

Learn more about the instruments we utilise to create quality tunes: