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We have confidence that the advice and guidance we receive from the McQueen Group has put us on the right path to retirement. - Ian Ashton

" I fully recommend contacting McQueen Accounting for help or advice if you even think you need it. They are the best I've come across and they genuinely care about their clients. I've been with them for 15 years now and I 100% endorse them. There's nothing in this for me by the way, nor did McQueen ask me to do this. I just take the view that anyone who is truly adding value for others, especially in these times should be listened to. So be sure to use their expertise.”- Ronan Powell     

"Debbie Nguyen is an astute professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with!!!" - John MacLeod

"Shuro has been a pleasure meeting you. Getting a home loan is a daunting task and you made it easy for both Nicky and I - being always available, even on a Monday public holiday. I am now a home owner  thanks to you. Both Nicky and I would like to thank you and Gus for making this possible." - Dr. Ian Gopal and Nicole Renaud

“Nowaki has always made us feel at ease and we feel our financial future is in great hands and now Senney is working with Nowaki we look forward to the future.” - Thomas Mollica

“We have been with McQueen for over 5 years. We moved our super/pensions from the UK which McQueen have managed together with our Australian super and are delighted with the way this has been managed. We are always made to feel welcome and no question is stupid! Thank you Nick and team.” - Anne & Rob Mcqueen

“Nowaki is always very pleasant and makes us feel at ease and confident that our investments are in good hands.” - Thomas Mollica 

“Our latest portfolio review was superb. The preliminary information was detailed and thorough, particularly the insightful discussion of the global and national economic environment. This was most helpful in underpinning the decisions we made during the review meeting. Our advisor at McQueen was punctual, friendly, authorative and supportive: what more could we possibly ask for?” - Graeme Webster 

“As always, Alex provided us with all the answers to the questions we had, and did so in a confident and reassuring manner.” - Bill & Carl Richardson

“Thank you for taking so much care of my financial future when it wasn't one of my major concerns for quite a while. Now that my financial future is becoming more important to me, I can appreciate the efforts McQueen have been putting in on my behalf. Thank You.” - Brendan Edwards 

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Picture a world class orchestra. Now remove the conductor and imagine that the individually talented musicians cannot see or hear each other.  How would it sound?  McQueen treats your finances like an orchestra, and our expert and well-rehearsed skills coordinate and play beautiful music.

We provide a suite of leading edge strategies and solutions across intertwined financial disciplines – structure, taxation, investment, cash flow, superannuation, insurances, estate planning, lending and related elements – to activate a coherent strategy that will deliver meaningful long term after tax financial results.  Our approach is  proactive, cross skilled and designed to give you clarity, certainty and control over your financial affairs. Learn more about the instrument we utilise to create quality tunes;

Learn more about the instruments we utilise to create quality tunes: