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“Dealing with Nowaki for so many years I find him very genuine, reliable and thoughtful. I am quite comfortable dealing with him because I find him a very trustworthy person. I am sure my portfolio is in good hands”.

“I like the fact that I can deal with someone who I have absolute confidence in.” - Mark Tannahill

“I love the fact that I can access perks of big business investment without the big business fees and be given personalised individually tailored advice. Mitch is a consummate professional, who is the most genuine and obliging business man I have had the pleasure to deal with. He goes above and beyond, when I need instant advice, promptly responding even after hours. I have had the pleasure of being a client of Mitch Raabe for 8 years and found him to be loyal, highly knowledgeable, with useful network connections. The best aspect of Mitch is that he is like a good friend that has your best interests at heart and is always honest. Due to McQueen's advice my family is now well established to succeed our long-term financial goals, to set us up for a comfortable retirement taking us from the average Aussie family struggling with mortgages to self-funded investments. If I had to give stars, I would rate McQueen 5 stars out of 5.” - Annette McCubbin

“I have found the McQueen Group to be a breath of fresh air to deal with after having my Super with AMP for many years.” – David Tenenbaum

"Appreciate the detailed information and strategies to meet our individual needs; the team are very professional."

“After following our personally tailored plans without wavering even during the scary down times over the last twenty years by trusting McQueen we have achieved excellent financial growth. With both of us nearing retirement we have reached our personal goals of owning a beautiful seaside home with a spectacular view, enough superannuation to secure a quality retirement and a share portfolio still earning & growing for any extra luxuries. Thank you McQueen.”

“We are both very satisfied with the way our portfolio is going.”

“Very happy with all aspects of our financial planning. The staff are professional, friendly and accommodating at all levels of service”

“Have been a client for a number of years and would not continue if not extremely happy with the outcomes” – James Rolfe

“Friendly and helpful”

Picture a world class orchestra. Now remove the conductor and imagine that the individually talented musicians cannot see or hear each other.  How would it sound?  McQueen treats your finances like an orchestra, and our expert and well-rehearsed skills coordinate and play beautiful music.

We provide a suite of leading edge strategies and solutions across intertwined financial disciplines – structure, taxation, investment, cash flow, superannuation, insurances, estate planning, lending and related elements – to activate a coherent strategy that will deliver meaningful long term after tax financial results.  Our approach is  proactive, cross skilled and designed to give you clarity, certainty and control over your financial affairs. Learn more about the instrument we utilise to create quality tunes;

Learn more about the instruments we utilise to create quality tunes: